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The OP Harry Survivors Association Member's
Souvenirs and Memorabilia

The following are various items which OPHSA members collected during their tour of duty in Korea 50 years ago and brought home.  Click on the name of the person who contributed the item to see a picture of the item along with a description.

If you have an item you'd like to contribute here, contact the for information on how to make a submission or refer to the Submission section on this web site.



David Martin One of the propaganda banners that appeared over Christmas Eve 1952 in front of the MLR between OP Dick and OP Harry at the upper end of Happy Valley. 

John Ferrara A copy of a U.N. Safe Conduct Pass dropped on the Chinese by U.N. Forces in Korea in 1952

Freeman Bradford A copy of a Chinese Safe Conduct Pass found in Happy Valley Korea in 1953

Vincent Meads An Easter Card sent to members of the 3rd Division Artillery in Korea, 1953

Martin Markley Holy Medal of Saint Maurice, patron saint of Infantrymen

James Jarboe A 1953 Christmas card made by Jim Jarboe to send home from Korea in 1953

Emory Walker A 1953, 15th Infantry Christmas card received by Emory Walker while in Korea in 1953, propaganda both U.S and Chinese, safe conduct passes both U.S. and Chinese, U.S. script, Korean Won

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