Holy Medal of Saint Maurice

The following article describes the approval of the religious medal, the holy medal of Saint Maurice, patron saint of infantrymen.

A religious medal designed, by Col. Franklin R. Sibert, has ecclesiastical approval and will soon be available to the troops.

It is the holy medal of Saint Maurice, patron saint of the infantry for the Roman Catholic Church. Word of the approval, given to the commander of the 20th Infantry Regiment and granted by the military ordinariate office of Francis Cardinal Spellman was received this week.

On one side of the medal is Saint Maurice, his shield in his right hand, a standard in his left. On the reverse are crossed rifles.

Maurice was the leader of a Theban Legion, composed of Christian soldiers, called out by Emperor Diocletian as part of an army to put down an insurrection by Bogandae of Gaul. He was slain after refusing to join in a sacrifice to be made to the gods of Rome for the success of the expedition.

The authority was obtained by Col. Sibert after considerable research. He submitted a design to the military ordinariate for subsequent approval by Rome. The anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Maurice is September 22.

Col. Sibert stated that arrangements have been made to manufacture the medals and that they will soon be available to Roman Catholic infantrymen to wear around their necks.

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