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The following people have contributed their stories and memories of events in their military careers and in particular their experiences defending Outpost Harry.  Theirs is a proud heritage and these are their stories.

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Ray Anderson

Ray Anderson,  Company B 10th Engineering Combat Battalion, was on Outpost Harry every day except one from June 11-18th 1953.
Robert Baker Bob Baker tells his Korean experiences in chapter 5 of his book, Against All Odds - The Robert H. Baker Story.  Bob served in an I&R platoon, 15th Infantry, 1953. Video
John Beechler 1st Lt. John Beechler was an FO with the 39th Field Artillery and served on Outpost Harry during April, 1953.
Freeman Bradford

Freeman Bradford (Brad) 2nd Lt.  P&A Platoon Leader, Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry 1952-1953.
Ron_Bradley 3rd ID patch 15th Inf. Insignia A tribute to Ron Bradley by F. Walden Storie telling of his loss on Outpost Harry.
Bob Brandon

Bob Brandon was on OP Harry in March of 1953 in G Company, 15th Infantry Regiment.
Sam Buck

Sam Buck 2nd Lt., 39th FA, 3rd Inf. Div. Attached to King Company, 15th Regiment, 3rd Battalion  "The Longest Day of My Life - June 10, 1953".
Dan Carson

Signal Corps

An account by Dan Carson, 3rd Signal Company, Photo Section written in March 2001 for the OP Harry Survivors Assoc. Newsletter.
Donald A. Chase

I Company, 15th Infantry Regiment. Part of a letter from Don Chase to OPHSA member Billie Burgess.
Clyde H. Corsaro Clyde H. Corsaro has included pictures taken during June 1953 of comrades in the 4th Platoon, Company C, 5th RCT. In addition to Outpost Harry, he was on Christmas Hill, until shortly after the fighting ceased.
Jerry Cunningham Jerry Cunningham tell of his experience during the Korean War in his own words.
William D. Dannenmaier

William Dannenmaier, author of "We Were Innocents" served in Korea with the U.S. Army’s Fifteenth Infantry Regiment from 1952 to 1954.
Donald C. Dingee Donald Dingee has posted an interview of his experience on OP Harry and his friend, Charley Johnson, who saved his life twice on June 12, 1953.
Robert Dornfried Robert Dornfried's account of his experiences on OP Harry as told by his home-town newspaper.  Click here to read this article.
John F. Ferrara John Ferrara sent a letter to Ray Anderson describing his experiences during the Korean War.  Click here to read his letter.
James C. Hafer Jim Hafer tells his experience in the Heavy Tank Battalion of the 15th Infantry Division.  Click here to view his web pages.
James Jarboe 

James Jarboe was a combat photographer in the 3rd Signal Company from January 1953 until he rotated home in March of 1954.
Ernie Kramer Ernie Kramer tells his experiences in Korea and while on OP Harry as a member Company B of the10th Engineering Combat Battalion.
Martin Markley

Captain Martin Markley, Commanding Officer of K Company, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.
Vincent Meads First Lt. Vincent J. Meads, Jr., Forward Observer for the 58th Field Artillery, A Battery.
David W. Mills David W. Mills was captured during the defense of OP Harry. He tells his story during the 15th Annual Reunion of the Outpost Harry Survivors.
James Moroney 2nd Lt. James F. Moroney, Forward Observer for the 39th Field Artillery Battalion. 105 howitzer, towed, Battery B.
Jack Newman

Jack Newman's story told by his son, and a letter he wrote home after being wounded on OP Harry June 11th 1953 while a F.O. with the 39th FA
George Pagomenos Summary of the Defense of Outpost Harry on the night of 17/18 June, 1953. His complete diary is published in Greek. Click here for details.
Demetrios Papadopoulos

Diary account of Outpost  Harry June 11, 1953 to June 21, 1953 June 11, 1953 -- Thursday night
Henry J. Sobieski

2nd Lt. Henry J. Sobieski, Exec, Baker Battery, 213th Artillery, 240mm, 1953
Leonard A. Spirito 2nd Lt. Leonard (Len) A. Spirito served as platoon leader of the 1st Platoon of the 15th Regimental Tank Company during the OP Harry fight in 1953.
F. Walden Storie F. Walden Storie's account of his experience holding Outpost Harry while serving in B Company, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division.
Robert W. Sullivan

3rd ID Patch

39thFA Crest

Robert W. Sullivan as a 2nd Lt. 39th FA, 3rd Inf. Div. Attached to Charlie Company, 15th Regiment, 3rd Battalion. F.O. for Battery B on OP Harry.
Mosxos E. Tsiakiris Mosxos Evaggelou Tsiakiris' account of his time on Harry during June 1953 as told to his daughter Evaggelia Tsiakiri.
Emory Walker Emory Walker shares memories of his time involved with OP Harry during those critical days in June 1953.
Claude Williams

Claude Williams, Co. C 10th Engineering Combat Battalion, was in Korea from January through December of 1953. Video

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