Changing type size on your computer display

Sometimes you may find it difficult to read the material on the OPHSA web site because of the type size.  You can change the size of the type displayed on your monitor using the commands shown below.


If you use the Netscape browser, as shown in the picture above, the type size may be too small to read comfortably.  Click on the View item in the menu bar at the top of the Netscape browser then click on the Increase Font command until the font size is large enough to read comfortably on your computer's monitor as shown in the picture below.

Note: The picture size remains the same.  You can click on most of the pictures on the OPHSA site for a larger view.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, you can change type size on your display by clicking on View then clicking on the item Text Size.  Select the appropriate type size from the drop-down menu as shown in the picture below.


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