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Submitting text to the OPHSA web site - page 2

Submitting text

Probably the easiest way to submit text is in the form of email.  You don't need to worry about formatting as that will be done by the Webmaster as part of the process of converting your story into a web page.

If you have access to a computer, but not an Internet connection, you can send a copy of your text file on a disk via U.S. mail to:

Freeman Bradford
875 E. Meadow Dr.
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4441

If none of these are available to you, you can always send a written copy to the address above.

TIP:  All of the text used on the OPHSA web site is in normal upper and lower case as illustrated by this page.  If you send your text ALL CAPS, YOU FORCE THE WEBMASTER TO CONVERT IT TO UPPER/LOWER CASE AND REQUIRE HIM TO GUESS WHAT REALLY SHOULD BE CAPS AND WHAT SHOULD BE LOWER CASE.  Besides, using all caps is considered SHOUTING on the web and email and ain't very polite.


The content can cover any events, thoughts, sights, smells, or any other subject that you experienced that centers around OP Harry.  This might consider including what led up to your being there, what happened while you were there, and what you experienced as an aftermath after leaving OP Harry.

It's your story.

Connecting your existing web site

If you already have a web site with your OP Harry experience, you need only post the URL to the OPHSA Forum or send it to the OPHSA Webmaster and a link to your site will be added to this web site. 

If you would prefer to build your own web pages, feel free to do so and then send them on here to be integrated into this web site.  You might want to check with the Webmaster on the OPHSA Forum before including any cutting-edge web technologies to see if the web server used here supports them.

Ownership and copyrights

You retain ownership and all rights under copyright law to your pictures and any words you submit.  By submitting them here you have agreed to give OPHSA the non-exclusive, single-use right to publish your work on this web site.  You have not given or implied any other rights to OPHSA or any other parties for any other purpose whatsoever.  All web pages on this site contain a copyright notice specifying ownership rights of  each individual contributor and the Association, where applicable.

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