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The Outpost Harry Survivors Association's web site is dedicated to providing communications between its members and the larger community of others interested in events during the Korean War.  To make this work, each member is urged to submit an account of his experience on OP Harry to add your perspective of that time and place along side your comrade's.

The following suggestions are aimed at making putting your experiences on line as smooth and easy as possible.

 If you have further questions or would like to make suggestions, please post them on the OPHSA Forum, contact the, or U.S. postal mail them to the address listed below.

We Held


A pictures is said to be worth 1,000 words.  They can be used as a tiny time-machine giving the viewer a peek at a time and place as it existed when it was taken.  The pictures can be sent in any of the following ways:

- Prints.  Mail your prints to the postal address:

Freeman Bradford
875 E. Meadow Dr.
Palo Alto, CA  94303-4441

They will be scanned (copied as a digital image) and sent back to you.  Please include a self-addressed return envelope.

- Negatives.  If you have negatives, they also can be scanned to produce a digital image.  Once scanned, the negatives will be sent back to you. Please include a self-addressed return envelope.

- Slides. Send your slides and they will be scanned and then returned to you.  Please include a self-addressed return envelope.

- Digital image.  If you have the capability of converting your pictures to digital format this is probably the easiest and safest way to send on your pictures.  The image should be at least 10 inches in its longest dimension with a minimum resolution of 75 dpi.  (higher is better -- the Webmaster will strip off any unused resolution when creating the image for use on the web site.)

Note: Please don't do any post-processing such as using any of the "sharpen" tools found in image processing programs.  These tools leave artifacts in the image which cannot be removed.  The Webmaster will do any post-processing required on each image to optimize it for on-line viewing.

The digital image can be in any format recognized by Adobe Photoshop -- which includes just about anything.  The Webmaster uses a PC, so if you use a Mac it would help to add an extension to the picture to define the image type.  

For example a picture file labeled "great shot of some stuff" works with a Mac.  A PC just says "Huh?"  For the PC it should read "great_shot_of_some_stuff.jpg" where the .jpg suffix tells the PC's software you've sent a picture in the JPEG format.  The underlines connecting the words are to keep the Unix operating system used by the web site's server happy.  Try and stay with letters (a, b, c, etc.) and numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) when naming your picture.  Other characters (#, /, etc.) may confuse the web site's Unix operating system. Again, if you have questions or concerns, please post them on the OPHSA Forum.

- Scanning tips.  When scanning an existing photo, scan each photograph separately.  Most scanners will try and optimize the scanned image for color balance, (if it is a color print) contrast, and brightness.  If you try to scan more than one image at a time, the scanner has no choice but to try and optimize for all pictures with the probable result that no picture in the group will come out with optimal settings.  At worst the resulting images may have to be discarded as unusable, at best they will require a lot of post-processing by the Webmaster to try and recover a usable image.

One way or another, though, we'll get your pictures on line.

- Using other people's pictures.  Since not everyone had a camera at the front, you might consider referencing a picture posted to this web that evokes a memory or an event for you.  This picture can be linked with your text to illustrate and support what you have to say.  Check out an example of this in Ray Anderson's web page.  A picture posted by Freeman Bradford in his scrapbook is used to support Ray's memories here.  We were all in the same place at the same time, so sharing pictures makes sense.

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