Logging on to Outpost Harry Survivors Forum

The following are instructions for logging on to the OPHSA Forum

Registering on the Outpost Harry Survivor Forum

In your Internet web browser, enter the URL (Web address) for the Outpost Harry Survivors forum:

Or click on the OPHSA Forum link at the top of the Index column on the left side the OPHSA web site's home page.

Either of these will methods will take you to the Outpost Harry Survivors Forum and you should see the following Welcome page.

Registration on the OPHSA Forum is a two step process.  First you must register by clicking on either the word register in the sentence below shown at the top of the sample page shown above.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

Or you can click on the register icon in the line of icons below the Welcome, Guest. sentence.  They both do the same thing: take you to the Register - Required Information page shown below. Fill in the fields on this page.

Note that you are required to use your real name in the OPHSA Forum.  No "handles."  That is so the Webmaster can tell whether or not you are an OPHSA member or a wannabe spammer.

Once you have read the agreement, click on the I Agree box, then click on the Register button, as shown below.  This completes your part of the registration process.

After you have clicked the Register button, you will see the following screen verifying your registration request has been automatically sent to the Forum's moderator for approval. 

The second step is the Webmaster will check to see if you are an OPHSA member, then will approve your registration request.  Once you are approved, you will receive an email similar to the following:

Enjoy and make use of the OPHSA forum to keep up with what is happening in the Outpost Harry Survivors Association and your comrades.

OPHSA Webmaster


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