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Vincent J. Meads, Jr.

The following is text taken from the article which accompanied the picture at right.

First Lt. Vincent J. Meads, Jr., (right) receives the Bronze Star with "V" device from Col. Asa C. Black, Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division Artillery, recently at Fort Bragg, N.C.  Lieutenant Meads is the son of Dr. and Mrs. V. J. Meads of Pinehurst, Norfolk County, and is due for discharge this month after serving in the Army since March, 1951.  The medal was presented for heroism in action in Korea.

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Vincent Meads went through OCS (Officer Candidate School)  at Fort Sill Oklahoma in April of 1952

Vincent was on Outpost Harry twice as a forward observer once in late May 1953 and again in early June 1953.  During these tours two of his wiremen were wounded on OP Harry. Click here to view a letter sent to Vincent by the family of O. F. Ray, one of the wounded wiremen.

The photos below of Vincent in Korea were taken by one of his wiremen during the two months he was on Artillery Observation Post Howe in 1953. 

This picture of Vincent in his dress uniform was taken at his parent's home in Portsmouth , VA in the fall of 1952 before he went to Korea.

Another photo of Vincent was taken while he was on Artillery Observation Post Howe.  Note the camouflage strips woven into the netting at the left of the photo.

Vincent Meads stands next to the observation post bunker on Artillery Observation Post Howe.

Vincent Meads standing next to a bunker on OP Howe 


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