The Outpost Harry Survivors Association


NewsFlash #46

September 16, 2020

OPHSA.ORG website server/network upgrade

I received this email alerting us that our ISP (Internet Service Provider) is going to take the server our website is on down for an upgrade during the time and duration in their email.

FYI, I had the same procedure on my personal website's server (it's on a different server) a week or so ago by our ISP and it was a nuisance but my website was offline and back online without any fuss or change.


Subject: Server/network upgrade - Server 48


Hi Freeman,

We will soon be performing network and server upgrades that will improve the overall resiliency of your server.

As a result, your server will be offline during some portion of the following maintenance window:

Between 8:00am and 2:00pm EDT on Wednesday, September 23rd.

(Most servers should be back online within an hour but could take longer depending on network performance.)


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