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NewsFlash #38

November 9, 2017

Headcount for the 15th Regiments dinner

Yesterday I received this email from Tim Stoy, President of the Society of the 15th Regiment, asking for a headcount on the number of OPHSA people (the OPHSA member plus any accompanying others) who will be attending the 15th Regimental Society's regimental dinner at Fort Stuart.

Please respond to either me (I'll send the information on to Tim) or directly to Tim at his email address:

Tim Stoy <>

If you have concern about getting to Fort Stewart, it looks like we will have enough people driving to get those of us who flew in, there.


BTW, if you haven't seen it yet, the video that Lillie Cunningham shot of the first OPHSA reunion on June 18th 1992 is now available on line. You can click here to view it or use the link on our web site's home page.


We Held!


From: Tim Stoy <>
Subject: 16 November regimental dinner

The battalion is asking for numbers of members planning to participate in the Regimental dinner on 16 November. OPHSA will have the bulk of folks attending - can you give me a number of members you expect/know that will be there?


Can Do!


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