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NewsFlash #30

February 15, 2015

Dinner with the 15th Infantry Regiment Association

I received the following email from Michael J. Horn, the Webmaster for the 15th Infantry Association, in response to my asking him for details on our joining the 15th for Friday night dinner during our reunion. It was not received in time to include it in Survivor #69 which had already gone to printing.

Note that Michael has posted several option to pay for the dinner, so you have a choice of:

  1. Paying for the dinner using the links in Michael's email or
  2. Paying for the dinner sending your payment along with your registration in the OPHSA Survivor #69 which is already on it's way to your U.S. mail box

If your choice is item 2, be sure to get it to Doug Jones so he has time to forward your payment to meet the 15th's requirement that Dinner Reservation and Payment must be made prior to 5 June 2015.

I'd suggest using item 1 as these links allow you to also select your menu items for each member of your party.




Thank you for your inquiry. Please find two links below to register for the dinner. These include menu and cost info. This link allows you to register and pay Online by credit card or PayPal

This link allows you to complete, print, and mail a registration form with a check.

Please contact me with any questions about the links.


Michael J. Horn
15th Infantry Regiment Association

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