The Outpost Harry Survivors Association


NewsFlash #27

May 14, 2014

OPHSA Survivor Newsletter Issue 66

The May 2014 Survivor is now online and available for you to read. The highlights of Survivor Issue 66 are the following:

  • Bob Baker is making available the full interviews of each of the people who were interviewed for the "Hold at All Costs" documentary. The run time for each interview averages about about one hour. Bob has a crew doing the production work and currently has 7 videos completed. When finished, there may be as many as 25 video. Bob plans on having them available for viewing at the upcoming reunion in Oklahoma City.
  • The scheduled discussion for the business meeting is to determine the future of the Outpost Harry Survivors Association. Bob Baker has volunteered support, and others are suggesting various plans. It will be discussed and a decision will be made by attending members of this reunion's business meeting.

If at all possible, you are encouraged to attend this reunion and participate.

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