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NewsFlash #20

November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Hi all,

I just received this email and thought it appropriate to pass on today.


From: eric kapan <>
Subject: Thank You and Welcome Home

Just finish watching he PBS special on you guys with tears running down my cheeks..I'm 55 now... I was born in 57..... feel like you guys... welll... most veterans get a raw deal... but... just wanted to say thank you and welcome home....was really, really touched by the story of the black gentleman who looked like such a beautiful soul and lost his life there... I would have thought that in the early fifties, racism would have been an issue, but seeing the love and lack of that as an issue really touched me... And Look at Seoul today! you guys are such heros...

thank you and welcome home!!

Eric Kapan
Encinitas, CA


You are not forgotten!


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