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NewsFlash #16

April 15, 2011

PBS Showing of the Hold at All Costs movie

The PBS network has agreed to show the film Hold at All Costs produced by OPHSA member Bob Baker. Each individual PBS station determines the date and time they schedule the film.

This morning I was notified that OPHSA member Richard Martinet saw Hold at All Costs on his local PBS station in Cleveland Ohio on April 14th. A re-showing is scheduled on April 15th.

To keep track of upcoming showings, the online version of the OPHSA newsletter Survivorr #58 has an added section listing all PBS stations in the U.S. with Hold at All Costs showing dates and times. As new listings are available, they will be added to the schedule in the online version of Survivor #58.

If your local PBS station's showing schedule is not listed in the Survivor, you can call or write your local station and request information on its showing. When you find out your local PBS station's showing schedule, please send me an email with the station and the showing schedule and I'll add it to the list.

You may also want to check showings where relatives, friends, or members of veteran organizations you belong to live. If you don't see their location on the list, have them contact their local PBS station, then email the information to me, and I'll add their local PBS station's information to the list.

Bob Baker is trying to get as many PBS stations as possible showing the movie on Memorial Day. If your local PBS station has not yet scheduled Hold at All Costs, you might suggest they show it on Memorial Day during this 60th anniversary year of the Korean War.

The only listings I currently have is for PBS stations are in,the State of Alabama and San Francisco,CA. You can check them out at:

We need more listings. Any help you can give would be appreciated.



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