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NewsFlash #10

June 7, 2010

Help for our Chaplin, Ed Hanrahan

I just received this message from Walden Storie asking for help for our Chaplin.

Attention please:

Ed, our Chaplain, needs some help regarding the members we lost this year. He needs pictures and information for the following and would appreciate it if you could possibly bring it to the Reunion this week.

  • Charles Barton 5th RCT. Deceased 09
  • Wesley Hanson Co. E 15th Died 2009
  • John Szarpa 5th RCT C. Co. Died 2009
  • Jim Evans 2010 5th RCT A Co. Died 2010
  • Linsey Nelms 15th E Co.
  • Thomas Ceretto 15th G. Co Died 2010
  • Clyde Corsaro 5th RCT. Died 2010
  • Harold Foley D Co. 5th RCT Died 2009

Storie & Ed

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