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NewsFlash #6

May 18, 2010

Interviews for The Story program on NPR

I just received the following email from Jessica Fuller, the producer for the NPR show The Story. She is looking for people to interview for her show to broadcast on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War's start in June.

If you are interested, contact her directly by email or phone at:

Email: "Jessica Fuller" <>
Phone: 919-445-9249

Note that she specifically asked for Dave Mills, Sam Buck, and Jerry Cunningham after listening and reading their stories on the OPHSA web site.



From: "Jessica Fuller" <>
To: <>
Subject: Hello,


I am a producer for The Story, a national public radio program. I have so enjoyed reading the stories on your site and would love the possibility to talk to some of the veterans about their experiences in Korea and about the possibility of being on our show.

If you have a suggestion for someone who would has a goo d story that would work well on radio, I'd appreciate getting their contact information. I especially enjoyed listening to David Mills speech and the stories of Sam Buck and Jerry Cunningham.

Any assistance you can offer is much appreciated. We are hoping to find some good interviews to broadcast on the 60th anniversary of the Korea War's start in June.

Thank you,

Jessica Fuller


Jessica Fuller, The Story

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