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NewsFlash #4

May 3, 2010

FYI - Changes to the OPHSA Forum

In a registration request by J. P. Clark, 3ID CG XO, who is currently deployed in Irac, to be a registered user of the Outpost Harry Survivors Forum, I sent him the following response. If you are interested in participating in any results, log onto the OPHSA Forum and click the notify button on this topic. If you are NOT registered, you will need to register on the Forum to read and follow conversations on this thread.

Welcome J. P. Clark, 3ID CG XO, to the Outpost Harry Survivors Forum.

First of all an apology for the delay in confirming your registration on the Outpost Harry Survivors (OPHSA) Forum. Your request was the first from a person on active Military duty -- and opened the question -- and possibilities -- of modifying the goals of the Association.

The Association was formed by 11 men who had survived the 8 day intense battle defending Outpost Harry during the last days of the Korean War (then called a "Police Action"). The original, and current purpose of the Association as stated in the Association's Constitution is:

"ARTICLE II. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the association is to keep all men who were involved in the battles in Korea to hold Outpost Harry bonded together in common memory of that action and to honor the many sacrifices made by our comrades."

The Association, up until recently, has been open only to the group of men who were participants in that battle. By that definition OPHSA, as an organization, ceases to exist when the last survivor dies. This is expressed on the Reunions page of our web site at describing "The Box."

The Association put their web site on line in 2002. Since that time there have been many requests, on the web site's Guestbook, from people who had friends, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, who they knew had participated in the Korean War but had never been told what that experience was like. History researchers, school children, and teachers have used the OPHSA website as a resource. From that nucleus there has grown an awareness, within the Association, that there is meaning to the sacrifices made by our comrades 57 years ago to current generations -- and possibly to future generations -- beyond our own needs to meet with comrades and share our common bond.

Most recently our member, Bob Baker, has funded the production of a film "Hold At All Costs" about the battles defending Outpost Harry in 1953. This film is scheduled for release on May 31, 2010 at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Shortly after, a showing at Fort Stewart is scheduled on June 5, 2010 with OPHSA members invited to attend. The film will also be shown at our upcoming Reunion held from June 10th through June 13th at San Diego California. Subsequent showings in theaters and on Television will be announced.

Toward that end I've added a category "Active Military" to the OPHSA forum to include you -- and any others who may be interested. I have no idea what conversations will result, but as a minimum we can share the experience of fighting in a bloody Police Action during the almost forgotten Cold War and holding at all costs during the final days of that conflict -- which has allowed South Korea to become the vibrant and productive society it is today.

I'll be posting this email and an earlier email opening discussions on modifying our Associations goals on the Forum in the "Hospitality Room" category in the OPHSA Forum's "General" board. I encourage you to respond and/or start a conversation on any topic of your choice. I also encourage you to pass the word that this option now exists to any of your comrades who you think might be interested.

Nuts and Bolts

The policy of the OPHSA Forum is that anyone who registers is required to use their real name. No anonymous "handles." The goal is to have all participants in the OPHSA Forum identify themselves, take responsibility, and not be anonymous somebodies lobbing verbal grenades over a wall -- or masked lurkers, spammers, or digital predators.

Best regards,

Freeman (Brad) Bradford
OPHSA Webmaster

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