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NewsFlash #2

April 19, 2010

The PBS History Detectives show needs pictures

I received the following email from Nivale Lightfoot today requesting pictures anyone may have taken while in Korea. If you have pictures you would be willing to share, you can contact Nivale using the contact information in his email below.


OPHSA Webmaster


Subject: History Detectives, PBS
From: "Nivale Lightfoot" <>
To: <>

Dear Outpost Harry Survivors Association,

I am the archivist for History Detectives, a series on PBS. I am working on a story that investigates the history of a letter written by a soldier in the 15th Infantry who fought in the Sieges of Outpost Harry in 1953. I am hoping you might be able to put me in touch with survivors or family members who would be willing to share photographs and footage from the Korean War. I am looking for a variety of materials - Outposts Tom, Dick and Harry, soldiers/hospitals/POWs/scenery from 1953 - summer and winter would be good...

I am on a short deadline, so I hope to hear from you soon!



Nivale Lightfoot
Series Archivist
History Detectives
137 Varick St, FL7
New York, NY 10013
t: 212-334-3334 ext. 274

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