Eugene L. Gettig


Eugene L. Gettig seated in the middle of the rear seat of a Jeep in Korea, May 1953  (Photo  by Martin Markley)

(The following is an email sent by Martin Markley to Eugene Gettig's niece Susan Gettig 11/13/2002)

Freeman Bradford copied the mail he sent you about your uncle to me. Your uncle Eugene was assigned to K Company, 15th Infantry Regiment near the end of the war. I believe it was in April or May 1953. He was a fine young officer and respected by the men he commanded. He was assigned as an infantry rifle platoon leader. 

At the time he arrived, K Company was on the front-line in an area known as the Iron Triangle. The area was in the Chorwon  Valley. K Company was responsible for the portion of the font line where there was an Outpost called Dick. Your uncle led night patrols during that time and worked on improving the defensive positions. 

You can see some of these areas on the Outpost Harry Survivors website. I took the photograph of your uncle near the end of May shortly after we left the front line for a much needed rest. The day the photo was taken, the company was improving defensive positions to the rear of the front-line. With him in the Jeep are other K Company officers. Two weeks later K Company was defending Outpost Harry where your uncle was  killed.

As company commander I had total confidence in Eugene's ability to lead his platoon during any combat situation. I was deeply saddened to learn of his death when I was released from the hospital in 1954. I will attach a copy of a General Order that tells of the heroics of young men in K Company like your uncle.

With sympathy,
Martin Markley


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