Leonard A. Spirito

Jim Hafer squatting on a destroyed Russian T-34 tank loaded onto a tank retriever (Photo by Leonard A. Spirito, 1953)


Outpost Harry

15th Infantry Sector

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The photographs on these pages are 35mm slides which were taken on, around, and above Outpost Harry by me during June of 1953.

I was a platoon leader of the 1st Platoon of the 15th Regimental Tank Company during the OP Harry fight.  I took the air view photos from an L 17 recognizance aircraft in anticipation of taking my platoon, along with an Infantry platoon, into "Parachute Valley" in an attempt to cut off any CCF (Chinese Communist Forces) attacking down the ridge from a hill named Star toward Outpost Harry.  One of the photos shows the ridge leading into OP Harry's forward loop

We had some success when the 3rd Battalion's Baker Company of the 15th Regiment was on the hill (Outpost Harry) and even more when the Greeks (of the Greek Expeditionary Force) were up there.   We would pull back to the MLR (Main Line of Resistance) before daybreak each time.

Again, I am absolutely delighted to have discovered OPHSA which  enabled me to resume contact with a very dear old friend, Jim Hafer shown in the photo above, after not having had contact with him for over 50 years. 

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