Korean War Scrapbook 1952 - 1953

Looking NW across the Chorwon Valley  towards Whitehorse mountain in Korea during the winter of 1952-1953


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This scrapbook starts when I received my camera from home after being in Korea for a month or so.  None of the events leading to arriving at the location shown in the picture above are covered.  Maybe those times will be the subject of a future scrapbook.

This scrapbook ends as I leave Korea after spending 8 months in combat. Again, the trip home through Inchon and Japan are subjects for another scrapbook

The scrapbook opens as I arrive in the combat zone as a wet-behind-the-ears 2nd Lieutenant at 15th Infantry Regimental Headquarters, 3rd Infantry Division as acting Regimental Communications Officer.

I suggest you browse the items in the Index before jumping to the pictures. This scrapbook has a linked structure that will lead you from the terse picture-caption text to related expanded information, vignettes, and incidences.  You can get to this information by clicking the links, most of which are in the form <more>.

This scrapbook has 17 pages with each page having six pictures except the last page, which has two.  You can go directly to any page by clicking a page number below.

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All photos and text ęCopyright  Freeman Bradford.  All rights reserved.