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Artillery strike on OP Harry viewed over U.S. MLR from OP Howe

This shot was made with the 40" lens from OP Howe of OP Harry.  You can see lots of detail including three or four men standing on the little ridge just left of center at the bottom of the frame.  This is essentially un-cropped, so it gives you an idea of the reach of that lens.

They seem rather casual even though a Chinese artillery round has just hit the right side of the trail above them.

The bunkers you see along the skyline are on the rear part of "the loop".  The forward part of the loop is on the slope facing Star Hill and cannot be seen from this angle.
The trench line extending to the right edge of the picture below the loop is what they called the finger.  It was a short distance south of the loop and so was in a good position to support the OP and prevent enemy troops from attacking from the rear.
Along the main trench and trail can be seen many rolls of concertina wire, and groups of other supplies.  Just to the left of the smoke and dust from the artillery round you can see a helter-skelter pile of timbers used to beef up bunkers.

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