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This photo was taken during Donald Dingee's recovery of his wounded right foot.  The wound was caused by the explosion of an enemy grenade that went off as Don was attempting to kick it out of the bunker on OP Harry on June 12, 1953.

Donald Dingee is on the right, Duffy Dugan is on the left

Donald Dingee

Charley Johnson saved my life twice on the June 12, 1953.  He not only saved me twice, but he saved at least eight other wounded men as he held off the enemy between two bunkers plus holding off the enemy with me and Robert Hooker in the top of OP Harry until we were hit by what seemed like a freight train.  I believe that the enemy came into the bunker while we were all unconscious the first time.

I say I believe because when I came to, all of our weapons were gone.

I was the first one to come to and I went out in the trench and was confronted by an enemy soldier who promptly lobbed a grenade that bounced into the bunker.  I tried to find it with my foot and get it out of the bunker but my foot came down on it and I took the full force of the explosion which blew my foot apart and I was out for the second time.

I know they came in the second time because I was just regaining consciousness when they came in.  We played dead and they left after stabbing Hooker in the back.

Charley is the only reason Hooker and I and at least eight others are alive and were able to hold our position for at least four hours until we were blistered with a big one.

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An article that appeared in Donald Dingee's home-town paper (Click on the image above for a color picture of the article.)


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