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Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation


Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3d Division
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade, 3d Division
And Attached Units
Cited in Department of the Army General Orders 29, 31
March 1954:

During this period, Chinese Communist forces in the vicinity of Chorwon-Kumwha made an intensive effort to capture Outpost Harry, a keystone position. On three successive occasions the enemy attacked in reinforced regimental strength, prefacing his attack with heavy concentrations of mortar and artillery. The seemingly endless hordes of Chinese were able to break through friendly defensive fire and intense hand to hand fighting took place in the trenches on Outpost Harry. The coordinated efforts of armor, artillery and fighting infantry, as employed by Third Infantry Division units, overwhelmed the numerically superior Chinese forces and forced them to retreat from positions on 13 June 1953, leaving behind over 2,400 dead. Having been soundly defeated on Outpost Harry, the enemy transferred his efforts to the east, and on 14 June conducted a coordinated attack against Third Infantry Division and the Ninth Republic of Korea Army Division main line of resistance positions. Supporting the Ninth Republic of Korea Army Division with tanks and artillery, and counterattacking a threatened enemy break through in the Seventh Infantry Regimental sector, troops of the Third Infantry Division inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and forcibly ejected him from the position. The enemy left 1,275 dead in the trenches and in front of the position during this action. The great gallantry and excellence of tactical execution displayed by the Third United States Infantry Division in this action denied the enemy the strategic terrain needed to launch a full scale attack in this vital sector. The individual and collective heroism of each member of the Third United States Infantry Division throughout these operations reflects great credit upon the highest military traditions of the United Nations Forces.

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