65th Inf.Distinguished Unit Citation
Company F, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division

General Orders
Department of the Army
No. 77
Washington 25, D.C. 5 November 1954

DISTINGUISHED UNIT CITATION ­ As authorized by Executive Order 9396 (Sec.I, WD Bul 22, 1942), the following unit is cited under AR 220-315 in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction. The citation reads as follows:

Company F, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, is cited for outstanding performance of duty and extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy in the vicinity of Kumwha, Korea, on 10 June 1953. This unit, a member of a combined attacking team, was assigned the mission of assaulting a heavily fortified hill for the purpose of diverting the concentration of Communist strength at a nearby strategic point. As the company moved into a forward position it encountered heavy enemy fire from the crest of the hill. While two friendly tanks departed for a point to the left of the objective, a 10-man assault team approached the crest under the support of tank, artillery, and small arms fire. The assault platoon twice placed machine guns on the eastern slope of the hill to cover the advance but these were quickly destroyed by enemy fire. As the assault group engaged the hostile defenders in close combat, the platoon leader was wounded, his men moved back 10 yards, regrouped, and again charged the cave position, killing and critically wounding its occupants with hand grenades. As the assault group moved along the southern slope of the ridge in an effort to pin point the enemy fire, they were met by intense resistance from a well-in trenched enemy in the reverse slope. Sending word for more two support squads to move up, the company commander led his unit in a repeated attempt to rush the crest of the hill. Again encountering concentrated enemy fire, the group managed to deploy to the right and left of the eastern end of the ridge to prevent an enemy envelopment. While the platoon made a further attempt to capture the reverse slope position, strengthened by the support squads, a squad leader of the first platoon moved to the forward side of the hill and discovered the location of the enemy positions. With this information, the assault elements again moved forward, crossed the ridge, and routed the enemy with hand grenades and small arms fire. The hard-fought positions immediately were occupied and reorganized in time to stem enemy efforts to regain them. The heroism and courage exhibited by members of this unit reflect great credit on themselves, their organization, and the military service of the United States.


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