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The OPHSA 26th Annual Reunion, 2017

Members and guests attended the 26th annual reunion of the Outpost Harry Survivors Association held in conjunction with the 3rd Infantry's 100 year celebration at Fort Stewart, GA. Our reunion was held in the Hinesville LaQuinta hotel 2 miles outside of Fort Stewart, GA.

We shared this reunion with the Society of the 15th Infantry Regiment participating in the events celebrating the 3rd Infantry's 100th anniversary at Fort Stewart.

Wednesday - November 15, 2017

Early arrivals socialized in the hotel's lobby, shared meals in a nearby Applebee's restaurant, and got up to date with each other. Click here to view the video and still pictures taken during that day.

Thursday - November 16, 2017

Thursday was the official day of our reunion which was held at 2:00 p.m. in the lobby of the hotel. More OPHSA members arrived, checked into the hotel, and joined the early arrivals in the hotel's lobby. We had reserved a room for our reunion in the morning, but elected instead to join the 3rd Infantry's ribbon cutting and celebration of the opening of the new 3rd Inftantry Museum at Fort Stewart. Click here to view the video and stills taken during that event -- and note that one of the displays in this museum was dedicated to commemorating the 8-day battle for the defense of OP Harry in 1953.

After viewing the 3rd Infantry's new museum, we went directly to the 15th Infantry's China Room. It was proudly situated in two rooms, one room not being large enough to hold the exhibit. Click here to view the video of our China Room visit and lunch on base -- next door to the Charley Johnson fitness center.

We returned to our hotel and held this year's OPHSA reunion. Click here to view the complete video of the memorial ceremony and the business meeting.

Thursday evening, we joined the Society of the 15th Infantry Regiment for the Regimental Dinner at the 15th Regiment's officer's mess. Click here to view the video and stills which includes David Mill's and Tim Stoy's speeches made during that event.

Friday - November 17th

Most members left to return home while others stayed to explore the local area or continue their trip.

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