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The OPHSA 24th Annual Reunion, 2015

Members and guests attended the 24th annual reunion of the Outpost Harry Survivors Association held from June 11th through June 14th at the Embassy Suites hotel in North Charleston, SC.  Many arrived before the reunion, and stayed afterward making sightseeing trips in the Charleston City area.

This was the first reunion that we shared with the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division. Friday was our reunion day, all other days were shared with the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, and the 15th Infantry Regiment.

Wednesday - July 10th, 2015

Early Arrivals -- Early arrivals enjoyed meeting in the hotel's atrium and the hotel's afternoon free open bar.

Thursday - July 11th, 2015

Free Time -- Following individual registrations and check-in, members socialized in the 3rd ID hospitality room , the hotel's atrium, and the lobby. One group toured historic White Point Garden then took a boat ride and tour of Fort Sumter.

President's Reception -- We met for an evening meal and entertainment with the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Friday - July 12th, 2015

Friday morning -- The Outpost Harry Survivors Association held its memorial service and business meeting in the morning. In a break from tradition, all attendies were included in both the memorial service and the business meeting. During the business meeting changes were made to both the Association's Constitution and By Laws. Click here to see the changes made to these documents..

Friday afternoon free time

Friday evening 15th Regimental Banquet -- The Society of the 15th Infantry invited OPHSA members to join them in their Regimental Banquet.

Saturday - July 13th, 2015

Free Time -- Members continued to explore Charleston, meet with each other in the 3rd ID's hospitality room, and hang out in the hotel's atrium. Rhonda and her family explored a plantation and swamp she had visited when on active duty near Charleston.

Awards Banquet -- Saturday night with the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Awards Banquet.

Sunday Morning - July 14th, 2014

Farewell Breakfast -- Sunday-morning memorial breakfast and reunion farewell concluded this reunion.

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