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The OPHSA 21st Annual Reunion, 2012

Members and guests attended the 21st annual reunion of the Outpost Harry Survivors Association held from June 7th through June 10th at theWyndham Garden Columbus Georgia hotel.  Many arrived before the reunion, and stayed afterward making sightseeing trips in the Colubus Georgia area.

Thursday - June 7, 2011

  • Registration and Socializing -- Following individual registrations and check-in, members socialised in the hospitality Room Room, lobby and hallways.

  • Evening Event -- Following the Registration and Socializing, the attendees gathered for a Buffet Dinner followed by our speakers.

Friday - June 8, 2012

Friday morning we loaded on a bus and toured the National Infantry Museum. After touring the Infantry Museum, one group toured the Historic Fort Benning Street then the group visited the 15th Infantry Regiment's China Room.

Saturday - June 9, 2012
  • Memorial Service -- Each year during the reunion a special memorial service is held honoring fallen comrades.
  • Business Meeting -- Following the Memorial Service, President David Mills conducted the membership meeting. Following the invocation, the prior minutes and financial reports given by Secretary Treasurer E. Douglas Jones showed the association to be liquid were approved. The usual business matters were quickly covered. 
  •  Free Time --
  • Banquet -- Saturday night Banquet

Sunday Morning - June 12, 2011

  • Farewell Breakfast -- An informal Sunday-morning breakfast concluded this reunion.

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