15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division 

King Company of the 15th. Infantry Regiment was selected and ordered to occupy and defend Outpost Harry as they were considered a more experienced battle tested unit. It was a "Hold at all Costs" order with no withdrawal. With the background of "Peace Talks" on going, The CCF goal at this time was to inflect heavy casualties and to gain possible concessions at the truce table. King Company occupied Outpost Harry on the morning of June 6, 1953 through light enemy mortar fire. Upon reaching the summit and the outpost's fighting positions, King Company personnel along with the assistance of the 10th. Combat Engineers engaged in improving the fortifications. The trench line was deepened and expanded, bunkers reinforced, 55 gallons of napalm were installed and wired for firing, wire was strung, and communications improved. Meanwhile the company's defensive fire plan was developed and submitted to headquarters where the division artillery commander finally approved it.

On the evening of June 10th the Chinese launched their offensive by pounding the surrounding area and the outpost with artillery, mortar rounds and rocket fire. Around 2130 hours, and under the eerie glare of searchlights and parachute flares, the sudden blare of bugles and whistles signaled the enemy attack. Attacking in swarms, approximately 3600 enemy troops advanced forward throughout the night and the early hours of the next day. Despite an intense barrage of defensive firepower and the detonation of napalm, the invading CCF forces stormed the slopes of the outpost and soon penetrated the trenches. Over running the outpost they engaged King Company, 15th Infantry in hand to hand combat. The fighting became so intense that the Commanding Officer of King Company ordered his 39th Field Artillery Forward Observer to call in our artillery fire directly on the outpost. Fighting continued all night for possession of the outpost. In the early morning of June 11th advancing personnel of the 15th Infantry Easy and Charlie companies reinforced King Company to push the enemy forces back to their positions.



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